Lead Instructor

Brief info

Voddie Baucham, Jr. is a husband, father of nine children, pastor, professor, author, and a lifelong athlete. He has competed in Football, Basketball, Soccer, Track and Field (sprints and High Jump), Powerlifting, and even Tennis. Due to his unusual combination of size, strength, agility, athleticism, and his conspicuous grey beard, he is affectionately known as, The Grey Gorilla.

However, Voddie’s greatest attribute may be his ability to teach. More specifically, he has an ability to take very complex ideas and concepts and make them accessible and understandable to all. As a father of nine, he has a special knack for doing this with children. As the Dean of the School of Divinity and Chair of the the Department of Theology at African Christian University, he is also quite adept at conveying ideas and concepts to adults. And this translates well onto the mats where he combines his unique blend of fatherly, pastoral, and professorial gifts to take the mystery out of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.