Piers Reeve-Tucker


Brief info

Piers Reeve-Tucker is one of the founding members of the Lusaka BJJ Club (now Lusaka BJJ Academy). He started training in 2017 as one of a handful of men who met in Lusaka and just ‘wanted to roll.’ Eventually, that small, informal band of brothers grew into what has become Zambia’s first BJJ Academy.
Piers’ unique interest and insight into BJJ is, at least in part, a product of his profession. As a Chiropractor, he is keenly aware of the impacts of human biomechanics in everyday life. As a BJJ practitioner and instructor, Piers this knowledge brings a unique insight that allows him not only to understand, but also to communicate the fundamental principles of Brazilian jiu-jitsu in ways few can.
Beyond his technical knowledge of biomechanics, Piers brings an infectious optimism, a keen wit, and unparalleled humility and patience to the mat that makes him an excellent instructor. In an academy where most members are brand new to BJJ, having a man like Piers on the team helps lay solid foundations and flattens the learning curve.