Travis Tooke

Travis Tooke is a Third Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jutsu (BJJ), the most practical self-defense Martial Art in the World. He received his Black Belt from the legendary Carlos Gracie, Jr., one of the pioneers of BJJ. In fact, the art is sometimes referred to as “Gracie Jiu Jitsu.” Travis is also the founder of Team Tooke MMA in Houston, TX, where he has produced numerous World Champions, Pan American Champions (including Voddie Baucham, the Lead Instructor at the Lusaka BJJ Club), and a number of professional MMA fighters.

Team Tooke

Lusaka BJJ Club is an affiliate of Team Tooke MMA in Houston, TX.

This means several things. First, our Lead Instructor was trained at Team Tooke and received his credentials there. Second, Lusaka BJJ follows the Team Tooke curriculum. This means you can have confidence that you are receiving the best content available in regards to BJJ training. Third, Team Tooke has agreed to start sending Black Belt Instructors twice a year to fortify the training at the Lusaka BJJ Club.

Black Belt Visits

That’s right! Every year, in May and November, you can expect a Black Belt level Instructor from one of the Team Tooke affiliates to lead a seminar at the Lusaka BJJ Club. This will help insure that every Lusaka BJJ student is receiving the highest level of training available, and that the Academy stays on track.

Our next scheduled visit is the 6th - 15th of May (Instructor TBA), and Professor Travis has enjoyed his visit so much that he has already claimed the slot for next November (exact dates to follow)!