BJJ Kids is a class designed to introduce kids 6-13 to the basic movements and principles of BJJ in a safe, fun, cooperative environment. Students will also learn practical self defense, build confidence, discipline, and character.

Why Children’s Martial Arts?

Over the millennia, Martial Arts techniques have been passed down from parent to child and from instructor to student over and over again. In the process, systems (such as self-defense, techniques and sparring…etc) have been developed to keep the Martial Arts pure. However, the subtler, yet infinitely more important character developmental aspects of Martial Arts have been more of a “side effect” than a deliberate, conscious systematized effort.

Character Training and development is a system designed to help Martial Arts instructors develop and train for positive character traits in our students.

This is done by systematically using metaphor and Socratic style questioning, causing the students to think and reason. Using this process, the instructor is able to guide students, even very young students, to drawing and powerful conclusions. Instructors anchor these important lessons and empower the students with alternate solutions through role-playing. We have found that students, especially young students, learn more, faster and retain answers longer by listening to a short story and answering a few well-placed questions (all in 5 minutes or less). This works better than many hours of laborious lectures.

Through Character Training, our students learn the most important lesson-how martial arts can apply to their everyday lives and make them the top 10% in school, to build confidence, discipline and respect for their parents, peers and instructors. 

These introductory lessons set the stage for more advanced character training in the Leadership Training Classes. Your child can start today-ask your instructor how!

Character Training and Development consists of monthly lesson plans that are broken down into four blocks. The four blocks of Character Training and development are:

  1. – teaches benefits of having the right attitude for success.
  2. – teaches practical ways to develop self-discipline, responsibility and focus.
  3. – teaches practical ways to control and channel emotions. 
  4. – emphasizes the benefits of courtesy and respect

Watch your child in class learn character lessons in a fun and exciting way – and encourage them to apply their new skills everywhere they go!!


There is no losing in Jiu-Jitsu, you either win or you learn.
Carlos Gracie, Sr.